Krimuldas iela 2, Sigulda, Siguldas pilsēta, LV-2150, Latvia Krimuldas iela 2, Sigulda, Siguldas pilsēta, LV-2150, Latvia
Care-home, Recreation Center
Riga region
7 000.00 sq. m.
2 950 000.00 EUR
Partly after reconstruction

Vadims Kuprins
Commercial Real Estate Advisor
Phone: +371 29228278

For sale “Krimulda Manor” complex.

Krimulda manor house is functionable Health Centre and SPA “Krimulda”. From the 2002 year are a certified rehabilitation institution with 52 employees, half of them are medical staff.

Krimulda manor with its cosiness and ancient aura, amazing views overlooking Gauja river valley is an extraordinary wonderful place to spend your holidays. The main building Lieven’s house was built around 1848 in the classic style. The manor complex consists of steward’s house, coach house, Swiss cottage, etc.

The estate changed hands from one owner to another up until 1817 when it was purchased at auction by Johan George Liven. The baron, whose family claim they are descended from the Liv leader Kaupo, made the purchase based on his historical ties. He built a manor commensurate to the family status and also developed a romantic park in the area.

The main building itself is a relatively small building with a cube-like central part. It is decorated by a massive porch supported by four columns and has symmetrical one story wings on both sides. Undisputedly, it’s most notable attribute is its placement within the natural setting. Inhabitants and guests alike could enjoy the scenic view from the terrace or the balcony at the little tower.

In 1921 the estate Krimulda took over state, allowing the Latvian Red Cross to establish the only sanatorium in the country. Nowadays it is a certified health and rehabilitation centre with both hotel and hostel types of rooms available.

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